Which CPAP Mask Should I Use?

The continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is used to prevent blockage of your airway when you are asleep. Your airway can block due to the collapsing of the muscles that are at the back of the throat. This condition is known as obstructive sleep apnea.

Through this therapy, air that has been pressurized is blown down your throat to keep the muscles in your throat from collapsing thus keeping your airway open. You can breathe in the pressurized air by means of a mask such as the Resmed CPAP mask. Masks are available in a wide variety of styles and designs; therefore you can get one that is suitable for you.

Three different types of CPAP mask

When To Use A Full Face Mask

A full face mask covers your nose and mouth and you can easily find one that fits just right. You can opt to use a full face mask if you normally sleep on your back or if you breathe through your mouth when sleeping. The full face mask is also a good option if the doctor has prescribed a high pressure for your therapy. The mask is however not suitable if you normally sleep on your side or your stomach as it will probably slip.

Air leakage will take place which will affect the effectiveness of the therapy. The full face Resmed CPAP mask has a silicone cushion known as Infinity Seal which creates a good seal to avoid leakage. The seal does not give way when you move in your sleep and it is flexible enough to take up the shape of your face.

Which CPAP Mask Is Best For Stomach Sleepers?

Man sleep with nasal pillow CPAP maskIf you normally sleep on your stomach, the nasal pillow is suitable for you. This mask sits on your upper lip and the two pillows are inserted at the edge of your nostrils. A good seal is created which does not allow the pressurized air to leak.

The nasal direct Resmed CPAP mask uses fluid technology so that the mask takes up the shape of your nostrils as you move. You can also purchase an apnea pillow which you can use with the nasal pillow. The apnea pillow has been designed with an area that has been cut out to accommodate your face and the tube. The nasal direct mask or nasal pillow is however not suitable if you normally breathe through your mouth as it will interfere with the effectiveness of the therapy.

What CPAP Mask Is Best For Side Sleepers?

A suitable mask for side sleepers is the nasal pillow or the nasal mask. The nasal mask has a triangular shape and it covers your nose. When the pressurized air comes in through the tube, it surrounds your nose and you then breathe in the air. The nasal mask therefore does not directly deliver the air to your nostrils which adds to the level of comfort during therapy.

The nasal Resmed CPAP mask has a silicone cushion which is soft and creates a good seal which ensures the air does not leak. The cushion also prevents you from developing sores or red marks since it can accommodate your movement. If you are a side sleeper, you can also opt to use the nasal pillow since it does not slip during therapy.